All equipment produced PSB-Gals, before sending thoroughly tested on the performance of all components and assemblies. The product is certified and provides warranty card.


Warranty and post-warranty repair shall the manufacturer or the manufacturer authorized workshop.

The warranty period for equipment PSB-Gals installed within 12 months from the date of sale. In the absence of a stamp shop for the sale of equipment, the warranty period is calculated from the date of manufacture indicated in the data sheet.

Warranty repair is made upon presentation of the service center and product assembly completed warranty card without corrections.

The warranty repairs may be refused in the following cases:

  • external mechanical damage;
  • failure to comply with conditions set forth in the user manual;
  • traces of chemical exposure;
  • traces of exposure to elevated temperature;
  • presence of foreign objects inside the body, insects, etc.;
  • traces of repair workshops, unauthorized by the manufacturer;
  • corrections in the warranty card or lack thereof;
  • breach of warranty stickers on the product.
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