PSB-1500x150.950-35 Submersible transducer

PSB-1500x150.950-35 Submersible transducer
Submersible ultrasonic transducer PSB-1500x150.950-35 1 008,39 $


  • Submersible ultrasonic transducer box size - 1'500*150*90 mm;
  • Generator dimensions (length x width x depth) - 600*500*160 mm;
  • Ultrasonic generator power - 950 W;
  • Operating frequency - 35 kHz;
  • Digital timer - 1-999 minutes;
  • Amplitude modulation - up to 90%;
  • Phase locked loop;
  • Power support - ~220V±5% 50-60 Hz;
  • Material of submersible ultrasonic transducer box - stainless steel, thickness 2.0 mm;
  • RF cable length - 3 m;
  • Digital control panel located on the front of the ultrasonic generator.

Warranty period - 12 months.

Contents of delivery

  • Submersible ultrasonic transducer box PSB-1500x150.950-35;
  • Ultrasonic generator;
  • RF cable;
  • Users manual;
  • Package.

The Mounting Options of submersible ultrasonic transducer boxes

The Mounting Options of submersible ultrasonic transducer boxes

a - mount on the bottom of the bath, fixing through tank wall;
b - mount on the bottom of the bath, fixing through the bottom of the tank;
c - mount on the bottom of the bath, fixing over the tank edge;
d - mount on the wall of the tank, fixing through tank wall;
e - mount on the wall of the tank, fixing over the tank edge.

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