Gals-Universal Canister 10 liters

Gals-Universal Canister 10 liters
Technical Detergent "Gals-Universal" 61,43 $

Technical detergent "Gals-Universal" using for cleaning steel, alloys and non-metallic materials parts of various configurations, such as parts of precision mechanics, clockwork, jewelry, electronic equipment, heads of inkjet printers, tools (drills, cutters, button dies, needle, files, etc.), optics, glass products, medical instruments, dental tools and so on from the fat-oil, mechanical, preservatives and the like contaminants, degreasing with simultaneous removal of polishing pastes.

Technical detergent "Gals-Universal" is used in the form of an aqueous solution of 50 - 100 g / litr in ultrasonic baths, washing machines of various designs, for manual cleaning products and so on (except bubbling water and jet cleaning devices). The best result is achieved when the temperature of the solution in the range 40-60°C. After removing the contaminants washed surfaces are rinsed with clean water.

Shelf life - 24 months from date of manufacture.

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