Technical Detergents

  • Gals-Universal Canister 10 liters Technical Detergent "Gals-Universal"
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  • Gals-Auto Canister 10 liters Technical Detergent "Gals-Auto”
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  • Gals-Electronics Canister 10 liters Technical Detergent "Gals-Electronics”
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  • Gals-Jeweller Canister 10 liters Technical Detergent "Gals-Jeweller”
    47,79 $ More

    Technical detergents Gals-series

    PSB-Gals' cleaning technologies are professional and the products themselves are eco-friendly cleaners, water-based, the operating principle of which is to physically separate the dirt from the surface without the formation of chemical compounds.

    The particular combination of surfactants in products PSB-Gals, combined with a series of standard and special components and additives makes them very effective, allowing you to easily remove a variety of pollution. Surfactants make water more fluid, allowing our products to penetrate rapidly under a layer of dirt. Surfactant molecules surround microparticles oils by separating them from each other and contributing to the degreasing.

    Products PSB-Gals have pH from 10.5 (for 1% solution) to 13.5 (for concentrate), so that even 1% - 5% solutions degreased and cleaned very well. Substances with a pH level are usually very aggressive, but products PSB-Gals - exception to the rule. They are absolutely safe for any materials, do not cause corrosion and metal etching, it is safe for humans, do not pollute the environment.

    Most products PSB-Gals virtually odorless. It allowed the emergence of a weak odor during heating of the product, but it has a fresh tone and is not an irritant. At the same time our products are well removed the vast majority of odors. It is important to note that after the interaction with the products of PSB-Gals odors are not masked but disappear. Thus, for example, completely destroys the molecules strongly mercaptan odorant added to the natural gas.

    Toxicity technical detergents series "Gals" corresponds to the 4th, the lowest class of danger according to GOST 12.1.007-76.

    European regulations say that a product is considered biodegradable if the ultimate level of biodegradation (its biodegradation to harmless elements, naturally in the environment) exceeds 80%. Products PSB-Gals degraded by 85% within 28 days, like glucose, and then decomposed completely. We offer products that meet the modern requirements of environmental protection. When disposing of them can be discharged into the sewer without any restrictions.

    The exhaust of working content with time there is a natural stratification of contaminants in specific gravity. This process can be accelerated and intensified by separation or filtration, and our products can be used repeatedly, thereby significantly reducing costs.

    Packing technical detergents series "Gals" cans produced in a volume of 10 liters.

    Технические моющие средства серии “Галс” являются концентратами и разбавляются водой от 1:100 до 1:5, в зависимости от характера работ и используемого типа оборудования.

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